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Uruguay climate & rainfall maps

soil map . soil productivity map

left : soil productivity map as in the CONEAT classification system, increasing from red (low) to dark purple (high)
right : soil productivity map based on the same data indicating potential of cattle natural pasture fattening, increasing from brown (low) to dark green (high), a concept today rather replaced by grain farming

for detailed scientific description of each soil type follow links below :
soils type 0 - soils type 1+2 - soils type 3+4+5 - soils type 6+7 - soils type 8+9 - soils type 10 - soils type 11+12+13

climate map

Uruguay soils as classified according to the US system

Uruguay prioridad forestal suelos mapa

distribution of soils, suitable for forestation and entitled to tax related incentives to plant forests (prioridad forestal)

suitability for corn map

USDA map indicating on a global scale suitability for corn (maize) growing, rainfed (without irrigation)

global land quality map

a USDA map of constraints to global agricultural potential, you obviously value most to have few constrains, areas marked bright green on the map

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