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Immobilien Uruguay

Uruguay has been the destination of European immigration to the Americas between 1850 and 1950, just as it was the case with the US, Canada, Argentina.
The Uruguayans are almost entirely descendents of European (mainly Spanish and Italian) immigrants. 1.world immigrants are quite welcome to this date.

Formalities and prerequisites to become a legal resident in Uruguay are quite easy to fulfil. Needed are birth certificates, dto of marital status, police record, all issued in your home country, translated, legalised by a Uruguayan consulate in your home country. Additionally proof of income is required (I believe, by now equalling some US$1000/month)

There are English speaking service providers (search for “immigration service” in the web) to assist you. These providers often supply easy solutions for the income proof as well.
The immigration authority is honest, friendly (the former holds true for the entire public service) and rather efficient. If the language is no obstacle, anybody can handle the procedure without professional assistance. Expect the procedure to take some 6 month or a little less.

Citizenship can be obtained after being a resident for 5 years.

Recent observations :
Anecdotal evidence would indicate that the immigration of Europeans and Americans who principally looked for a low living costs country has peaked already some years ago because Uruguay today simply is no cheap country anymore.
Financially better off foreigners, attracted by the more charming ones of Uruguay’s aspects, not least the reverse seasons to North, still keep coming and applying for legal residency.

Legislation treats foreign legal residents in so far better then nationals, as foreigners are not income-taxed on their extra territorial (“offshore”) income.

Immigration Isla de Flores

at the height of european immigration in the late 19th century Uruguay had its own Ellis Island: The Isla de Flores, off shore Montevideo, today being in ruins. It can be seen from the Montevideo/Carrasco shore on the horizone.

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